healthy plant-based relief for the modern age

    Inbriz CBD is a health & wellness company focused on providing tailored all-natural Hemp based solutions to everyday ailments like sleep, anxiety and pain. At Inbriz, our mission is to usher in a new era of sustainable health, merging the proven healing properties of nature with modern science, free of addictive chemicals and harsh side effects.

    Hemp is a breakthrough compound found in the Cannabis plant that provides the numerous medicinal benefits of Cannabis, without the high. Inbriz's founders discovered the synergistic and therapeutic effects of combining Hemp Extract with other scientifically proven plant-based medicines such as Curcumin, Ashwagandha and Holy Basil Leaf. By harnessing the healing properties of Hemp with other plant-based medicines, Inbriz is able to target specific ailments and offer an alternative to many synthetic, pharmaceutical derived products.

    Inbriz's products are PhD formulated and doctor endorsed, combining hundreds of years of ancient knowledge with modern scientific research. Inbriz sources its high quality ingredients from around the world, from hemp farms of Oregon to the rain forests of the Amazon. This focus on quality ensures each ingredient is in its highest bioavailable form and sourced in an ethically and environmentally friendly way. Welcome to Inbriz, healthy plant-based relief for the modern age.

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